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What is Being Bookish?

A few years ago, when I realised that the organised book clubs that were available in my area weren’t for me I started to look elsewhere. This began my search for alternatives, and that’s when I discovered podcasts. First came a joint project with a fellow romance novel reader. After a while that started to fade to nothing, so I started to look for something else that would enable me to share my book reviews (apart from the written format). So I merged my love of books and talking about them with my love of staying caffeinated and the podcast was born.

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I am never going to lie about my addictions, but to be fair, they are few and far between. I love books, I love chocolate and, for a very long time, I loved coffee.

Admittedly, without the coffee, I struggled to function on a daily basis. However, in 2022 I did the unbelievable and gave up coffee for good. I haven’t had a single cup and though I miss that caffeine hit, I know that it was for the best. Now my sole addiction is filling my bookshelves!

That’s why the podcast got a makeover in 2022, and I look forward to helping it grow – with the help of you, my listeners.

I have always believed that, no matter what, the books that I have collected and read actually tell a better story of my life than any biography ever could.

For every moment in my life that has any meaning there is a book that I can pick up and say “Yes, this is what I was reading when…” whether it’s a bad break-up, an amazing holiday or the worst moments I have experienced I can go to my shelves and say “This is what got me through it”.

No matter what, the books I read are always there for me and, good or bad, they are what I remember above everything else.

Film is always going to be an escape. There will always be a few clunkers and I know that I am not alone in saying that I’ve seen a fair number of them. But what makes one film better than another? And in reality, not everyone is going to agree on what makes a good film and what makes a bad one.

I have reviewed many good films and an equal number of films that seriously need to be thrown to the bottom of the Mariana Trench – go on, give it a few moments, I am sure you can think of one or two.

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