A compelling combination of Six of Crows and Peaky Blinders is the way that book promoters have been selling the third novel by American author Hafsah Faizal. As someone who has never seen Peaky Blinders, but loved Six of Crows (see my review of that from 2021), does this claim actually ring true?

Enter White Roaring, a town that is full of intrigue and insurrection. A town under the tyrannical rule of the mysterious Ram and meet Arthie and Jin Casimir, proprietors of Spindrift, a charming tea room with a secret. All is not as it seems on the surface, and that becomes much clearer when you realise that Arthie is a schemer, going after what she wants whatever the cost…and right now what she wants is in the Athereum; a ledger that can help her and others to take down the powers that rule so unfairly…but will they succeed?

Before I read this book I had heard so much about it, the reviews are mixed, so which side of the track will mine fall? And more importantly…I won’t spoil it to reveal my thoughts!

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Six of Crows

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